Categories of Membership

Full Membership

The category of Full Membership are for those who are involved as their principal activity in venture capital/private equity investment in Ireland which activities include the acquisition of private equity shareholdings in start-up companies and/or the development of small and medium sized enterprises or investments in management buy-outs/buy ins and recapitalisations which have potential for significant capital growth;

Affiliate Membership

The category of Affiliate membership, whose terms of membership shall be the same as for full members save that Affiliate Members shall not be entitled to propose any person for election to the Council and shall not be entitled to vote on any resolution to amend these Articles of Association. The Council may admit as an Affiliate Member any person, firm or company who shall apply for Affiliate Membership or any person, firm or company who shall apply for membership where the Council is of opinion that Affiliate Membership is more appropriate for that applicant at that time. The Council shall admit any person, firm or company as an Affiliate Member only where it is satisfied that such person is a significant participant in the venture capital industry in Ireland.

Associate Membership

The category of Associate Membership, are for those who whose terms of membership and rights may be decided and published by the Council but shall not entitled as an Associate Member to vote at any meetings of the members of the Association or to propose any person for election to the Council. Such associate membership will be open to persons, firms and companies which in the opinion of the Council, represent a special interest group that can influence the development of venture capital in Ireland. Subject as aforesaid associate membership shall be open to, among others, banks, development capital organizations, consultants, financial advisers and stockbrokers, pension funds, insurance companies, development organizations and associations, State agencies, educational and research establishments and private individuals.


For further information on joining the Irish Venture Capital Association (IVCA)

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